Indie Strategy Gems


In the vast landscape of gaming, independent developers continue to push the boundaries of creativity, bringing forth innovative titles that captivate players with unique gameplay mechanics and fresh perspectives. This article explores five indie strategy gems that stand out for their innovation, providing players with a refreshing take on the genre.





Into the Breach: Tactical Prowess in Bite-sized Battles

“Into the Breach” by Subset Games is a turn-based strategy game that distills the essence of tactical decision-making into bite-sized battles. Set against the backdrop of a desperate struggle against an alien menace, players control customizable mechs to defend cities. The innovation lies in its focus on perfect information – players know exactly what the enemy will do on their next turn. This design choice turns each encounter into a carefully orchestrated puzzle, rewarding foresight and strategic planning.




Baba Is You: Puzzle-Infused Strategy

“Baba Is You” by Hempuli is a puzzle game that introduces strategic elements through its unique rules manipulation mechanic. Players control the character Baba as they interact with the game’s rules by pushing blocks to create new win conditions. The brilliance of Baba Is You lies in its ability to blend puzzle-solving with strategic thinking.




Bad North: Minimalist Real-Time Tactics

“Bad North” by Plausible Concept takes a minimalist approach to real-time tactics. Players defend procedurally generated islands from Viking invaders using a small group of units. The game’s simplicity is its strength, offering a strategic experience that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. With its charming visuals and strategic depth.




Invisible, Inc.: Stealthy Espionage and Tactical Mastery

Klei Entertainment’s “Invisible, Inc.” combines turn-based tactics with stealth elements, creating a compelling espionage experience. Players control a team of agents infiltrating highly secured facilities, facing off against corporate security forces. The game’s innovation lies in its emphasis on information and planning. Players must carefully manage resources, make strategic decisions, and adapt to unpredictable situations, making each playthrough a thrilling exercise in strategic improvisation.




Northgard: Viking-themed City Building and Exploration

“Northgard” by Shiro Games is a blend of city-building, exploration, and strategy set in a Viking-themed world. What sets Northgard apart is its emphasis on exploration and conquering territories, introducing a unique territory control aspect to the genre. Players must balance resource management, expand their territory, and contend with environmental challenges and rival factions.







Indie developers continue to prove that innovation knows no bounds, especially in the strategy genre. These five indie strategy gems demonstrate the diversity and creativity that independent studios bring to the gaming landscape. Whether it’s redefining turn-based tactics, infusing puzzles into strategic gameplay, or exploring new themes and settings, these titles showcase the richness and potential for innovation within the indie strategy gaming scene.





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